6328 Dunapataj Szelidi-tó, Tópart u. 2.

Szelidi tó – Turisztika és horgászat

The first holiday home was opened in 1940. It was built by the Catholic Archdiocese of Kalocsa by the student holiday – poor unfortunate students have holiday here. (.. Priests beach’s called locally patajiak Previously, he was a religious person weekend holiday home, but expanded the holiday house yet chapel was.) Slice large-scale development of the 1960-ies started with a lot of youth and corporate resort was built then and later own resorts also appeared . This was built to serve them modern restaurant and accommodation system (eg., Lake accommodation, lake-inn), camping. The former private mansion Bencze-built youth hostel. Open-air theater and cinema worked in those years. Szelid organized the Youth Days, which are often 10 to 20 thousand people will participate. Several times it was home to the Danube Folklore Festivals, lectures and temporary exhibitions, etc. programs. The contemporary press newspaper article a great deal about it. During this period, the Szelid Lake County Kiskunhalas region “Little Balatoni” to as recalling. The Szelid lake fished before, although there was no significant fish stocks due to strong salinity of the water. Interestingly, the carp have evolved differently from the typical salt material due to their meat taste was different than usual.

During the last four decades, the Szelid fishing paradise real progress. This is especially true in recent years, when a Dunapataj association took over management of the lake. (The Sport Fishing Association Dunapataj counts hundreds of members, making it one of the most important club in the area.) In recent years the practice has become the organizing fishing tournaments, which are always attracted to crowds all over the country. Catfish trap competition was held for several years, and from 2008, pliers carp are held nationwide competition. The natural environment around the lake association of cleaning, the Dunapataj also actively involved in public life, while seeing the lake of fish stocks as well.

source : Szelidi-Nyár

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